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   Divine Designs, LLC considers the year 2009 to have been its founding date. On that year I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and Arnold Chiari Malformation. I was bedridden most of the time due to the severity of the symptoms. I would just lay there with the blinds closed and lights off. There were times that I would have my eyes closed and I would see mixtures of colors and images of different colors I was not sure what that meant. One day on that same year I went to a store and there were beautiful beads and gemstones that caught my attention, I purchased them and without any training or experience I began designing and creating jewelry. Family and friends began purchasing the items that I was designing and creating. On November 2012 the Lord spoke to me through a man of God and the Lord told me that he was healing me that afternoon and a week later I went to a spiritual retreat and after inner healing for the glory of God all the symptoms and pain disappeared.

   Divine Designs, LLC has been expanding. We design and create handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing, worship wear, prayer shawls, and more. Each item is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Each item includes a card with a Bible verse reminding us the promises that God has for each one, and also reminding us of who we are in Christ. Each item is soaked in prayer, declaring salvation, healing and deliverance. 

  The Lord revealed to my pastor, Pastor Melix Diaz the name of the business Divine Designs and He also revealed to her the logo, and design. Divine Designs, LLC officially incorporated on February 2014.

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