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Messianic Seal of Jerusalem/Menorah Star Fish

Messianic Seal of Jerusalem/Menorah Star Fish


The Messianic Seal of Jerusalem is a symbol for Messianic Judaism and Christians. The symbol is seen as a depiction of the Menorah together with the Ichthys creating the Star of David in the middle. The Messianic Seal was found in Jerusalem by archeologists carved onto pottery and stone. The seal is said to date back to the 1st century AD and it might even be the symbol of the first Christian Church founded by the Apostle Paul. 


The Fish is usually referred to as the Jesus Fish, so the name of Jesus was added to make the Messianic Seal of Jerusalem complete.


This item is made of unfinished ¼” Birch Plywood. It is 10 inches tall x 4.06 inches wide. This can be painted or stained to suit the requirements of the buyer.

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