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Three-stringed lyre Pendant & Earring Set

Three-stringed lyre Pendant & Earring Set

$160.00 Regular Price
$130.00Sale Price

Note: The Pendant and Earrings can be Sold Separately. The Pendant is $115.00, and the Earrings are $45.00.

This stunning Pendant & Earring Set are made from the 25 Agorot Three-stringed Lyre coin. The pendant was minted from 1960 to 1979. The Israel Mint describes Three-stringed Lyre design on the face of the coin as dating back to the Bar Kokhba Revolt of 132 to 135 CE. The use of the ancient musical instrument was considered a symbol expressing the Jewish people’s yearning to restore the Temple destroyed by the Romans.


The coin is no longer used as Israeli currency and has been a sought after collector's coin. Personally, I think it makes a beautiful pendant that both Men & Woman would like in their jewelry collection, and of course, the Earrings complete the set for the Women.


The pendant is 25.5mm in diameter by 1.94mm thick with a plain edge. It's made out of Aluminum Bronze and when polished, it has the appearance of Gold. Israel can be found on the face of this coin twice, in Hebrew below the Lyre, and to the left in Arabic. After the design is cut out it’s polished and it remains in its original finish.


Please Note: The Pendant comes with a 20 inch Gold Filled Rope chain & clasp. The earrings have Gold Filled findings, such as hoops, chain and jump rings. This set is priced higher to account for the Gold Filled chain and findings that accent the polished Pendant & Earrings.

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